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  • Ranking Descriptions

    All dealers are ranked on 9 criteria:

    Customer Service

    This ranking describes how the dealership dealt with your claims. If the dealership was nice dealing with you and was willing to work with you on all requests they should get an excellent ranking. If, perhaps, they offer a free oil change then they should get a good ranking. If your concerns were dealt with easily and they offered you apologies for any issues they should get a medium ranking. However, if the dealer did not care about your claim and ignored your requests they should get a poor ranking.


    This is meant to indicate how knowledgeable the dealership on the CTS-V. If you pull into the driveway and mention an issue you are having, and the dealership immediately knows the problem and the resolution, they should get an excellent ranking. If they are able to find solutions quickly or understand possible causes, they should get a good ranking. If they understand issues after you provide information or other guidance, the dealer should get a mediocre ranking. If yours is the first CTS-V they have seen and they donít quite know what a V8 is, they should get a poor ranking in this category.


    This is meant to measure the level of communication that your dealer provides. If your dealer updates you at every step (ex: the car is finished with the transmission issue and is not onto the rear end portion of the shop), is able to answer your specific questions immediately when you car, and/or keeps in constant contact with you regarding your repair they should get an excellent ranking. If the dealer calls you every day to give you feedback on parts ordering or status then they should get a great ranking. If your dealer calls you when the service is completed or for periodic updates, they should get a mediocre rating. If you need to call them to find out if the car is done and they never answer your calls, they should get a poor ranking.

    Accuracy of repair

    This is meant to indicate how accurate the repair made was. If, after the repair was made, you never had that problem again nor any related symptoms, they should get an excellent ranking. If the issue came back within the next few weeks/ months they should get a mediocre rating. If, you drive away and the issue is NOT repaired at all, they should get a poor ranking.

    Timliness of repair

    This is meant to indicate how long the repair took (relative to the difficulty of the repair). If, for example, it was a major repair and it was done within the day they should get a Excellent ranking. If they took a few days for a major repair or were forced to wait on a part from GM, they should get a middle ranking. If it takes them 3 weeks to do a very minor repair, they should get a Poor ranking.

    How did the dealer treat your car

    This is meant to measure how the dealer treated your car while it was in their care. If the dealership washed, waxed and details the car EVERYTIME, then they should get a excellent ranking. If the car comes back after service and is washed or otherwise as clean as when you brought it in, you should give them a medium ranking. If the Car comes back scratched, dented, filthy, greasy, or otherwise worse than when you brought it in, you should give them a poor ranking.

    If you request that they do not wash or otherwise clean your car, please consider if the interior came back excessively dirty or scratched.

    Overall Ranking

    This is meant to measure how your feel overall with your service experience. If you enjoyed immensely the job your dealership did, please give them an excellent ranking (and in addition, give them a "gold star" vote). If you were somewhat pleased with your experience give this dealer a 7 ranking or so. If you thought it was OK give them a 5. If you were dissatisfied in any way, please give them a 2-4. If you hated the service experience then please give them a 1 or 2.

    Was this dealer "mod friendly"

    This is meant to understand if the dealer questioned any aftermarket modifications. If the dealer did not question any of your modifications or worked on the car with a supercharger (for example), please rank them "ALL MODS." If the dealer would not work on your car even with very minor (CAGS) modifications, please rank them "not at all." If the dealer serviced your car with only minor modification (CATS, exhaust, intake, etc) without any issues, please rank them "minor mods only". If it depends who your service writer was, or the level of issue, or you have some special arrangement with the dealership, Please rank them a "depends."

    Gold status Vote

    If you feel that your dealer is the best of the best and belongs among the top CTS-V service dealers in the US, please give them a gold star vote. Please note that A single vote will not give the dealer a gold status. Instead it will require multiple votes as well as positive feedback on the forums. This ranking is at MY Discretion as well...

    If you have any questions on this, please e-mail me at CTSVETT@verizon.net

    Opinions and views expressed on this site do not necessarily represent those of CadillacFAQ.com. These are independat reviews. I do my best to assure that they are fair and accurate, but fundamentally, these are user submitted reviews. Use them as a guide only when making critical decisions

    If you have any questions comments or corrections, Please e-mail me at ctsvett@earthlink.net