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  • Devoe

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    4100 Tamiami Trail
    Naples, FL 34103
    Phone: 239-261-123

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:2
    Customer Serivce:5
    Treated your car:2
    Total number of Submissions:1

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    Individual Comments

    Beach Bum2If you break down, have it towed somewhere else. The got rid of the service manager and the new guy is nicer. I had the supplemental bushings put on and the car creaked. When I asked them to fix it they told me they could not order the "old" bushings. I said then when don't you just remove the supplemental bushings and the old ones are there. They told me they couldn't do that and I laughed. The car spent so much time in their shop I figue they just liked to have it around to drive. The have a drive through car wash that leaves the car looking like shit, and they admit it. The only thing they get right is asking you to check off COMPLETELY SATISFIED on the form Cadillac sends regarding you visit. They worry more about that damn form then they do about fixing the car right. I could go on and on. Once they told me they replace the rear interior door handle. Once the heat hit about 100 degrees down here and and GLUE they used to stick the old part in let go. When I went back they said the glue was added to keep the piece in. When I showed them that the attachements were broken off and it was the original piece they gave me the old blank stare. They installed my Corsa and I had to have them adjust it 5 times because it kept rattling.

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