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  • Ed Morse

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    Ed Morse

    101 East Fletcher Avenue
    Tampa, FL 33682
    Phone: 813-968-822

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes:Not sure if body shop is onsite.
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:6.2
    Customer Serivce:6.2
    Treated your car:5.8
    Total number of Submissions:9

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    Individual Comments

    Jack Bagala10none
    FL01SS4I bought a "certified" CTS from this dealership that was far from actually being a certified car. It clearly had not been inspected at all. There were all sorts of items that needed repaired that were marked as "satisfactory" on the inspection report I was given, and it was in the shop for almost a full three weeks during the first two months of ownership to repair items that should have been corrected before the car was ever put on the lot. It even had to go back in multiple times to correct issues that they told me they had fixed. Only a call to Cadillac Customer Care resolved the issues. The price I paid for the car was great, but that was the only positive thing I can say about my experience with the dealership. Most of the people are very nice and helpful, but there are a few there that shouldn't be working with the public due to their poor attitudes and they really ruined my experience with the dealership. Bottom line, they got my business because of their competitive pricing, but lost my future business (and recommendation) because of their lack of attention to detail and poor customer service.
    Michael Spectornone
    Michael Spector10I have never been greeted and treated this way by a dealer. When you arrive, someone raises the hood and refills all fluids, a service writer takes all your info and puts you in a new Cadillac rental car and calls every step of the way to let you know the progress of your car.
    Stacie10Sales Department very knowledgeable and courteous. I bought my car from Jay who was as professional and thorough as I've ever seen buying a car! Service is busy but friendly, fast and clean! Love this dealer and their people! 5 stars!
    Jeremy10Best car buying experience ever!!!
    Bob Jones10none
    Mike Hollingsworth1I have never had such a horrifying experience at a dealership in my life ! They never kept there word on anything and the car should have never been advertised for sale as it was not ready for anyone to buy in the condition that it was !I would NEVER reconmend this dealership to anyone as it put a bad taste in my mouth for life !!!
    Mike Hollingsworth1This is my second time trying to let the public know of my horryfic experience at this dealership but for some reason it never seams to get published which seams to be par for the course !!!!

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