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  • Parkway Cadillac

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    Parkway Cadillac

    24075 Magic Mountain Parkway
    Valencia, CA 91355
    Phone: 818-905-682

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:5.7
    Customer Serivce:5.7
    Treated your car:6.2
    Total number of Submissions:4

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    Individual Comments

    ntechnic10Seems to be minor mod friendly. I have exhaust and CAI and theyve never said anything about it even on warranty work.
    Jason Peavy2I took my V in for an oil change.On the way down to the dealership my engine light came on.I thought great timing I will be at the service dept soon.I arrive at the service area as the writer is already walking out to greet me.I explain to the gentleman that my engine lite came on and I wanted it to be checked out.He proceeded to tell me while rolling his eyes, that they did not have the time to find out the reason the lite came on.Well my blood began to boil and I explained very to the point that this car was not leaving the service area until the car is checked out and the problem is found.He immediately took the V to the back and hooked the car up to the diagnostic machine and found that it had a minor gas pedal acuator disfunction.Anyways the engine lite was reset and my part was ordered, since they did not have one in stock and I was pretty sure they were not going to get one from another dealership.Now I proceeded to watch my V as it got its quarts of Mobil 1 and car wash. I know I am a very picky person when it comes to my vehicles, but oh well.I expect after paying a pretty penny for a top of the line vehicle that my issues as an owner is addressed.That is not asking for much!Cadillac wants customer satisfaction, they need to start in the service area.I was very disappointed and a little let down after this whole experience.I still love my V, maybe I just need to find a new place to get her serviced.
    Pat1I have an 05 CTS-V each time I have brought the car back the reps say they have never heard of a rear diff problem with the CTS-V. I have replaced to rear diffs one at approx 8k the 2nd at 27k now in again for third at 29k dealer offers no assistance with GM for warranty service and on 2nd replacement Parkways rep told me if I had them do the repair Parkway would service the rear for failure for up to 10k miles or 6 months now two months and 3000 miles they have stated GM declined repairs again and there not going to fix it either. This has been a very disappointing expieriance almost 9k invested and no fix in site; Also, oddly they show no history of repair or service for my vehicle aside from a radio repair and a clutch repair completed before I bought the car at 115 miles. The rep never even called to tell me they weren't going to fix my car I found out through GMAC Finance when I asked for assistance anticipating the problem since it had been two weeks and no call from the dealer to update me.

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