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  • Faulkner Cadillac

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    Faulkner Cadillac

    2425 Lincoln Highway
    Trevose, PA 19053
    Phone: 800-910-630

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:7.6
    Customer Serivce:7.8
    Treated your car:7.4
    Total number of Submissions:5

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    Individual Comments

    Nick M10none
    jack barr10Great pricing, great service, honest salespeople, very clean showroom, good coffee.
    Ann1We came in on Sat., interested in seeing a CTS. Not only was there no one in the front to greet us, when a group of three men finally sauntered out from the back nether regions of the bldg., the one who finally spoke to us wouldn't look either I or my husband in the eye. Further, he was extremely negative and did not once give a straight answer. He proceeded to treat us like outcasts and I told my husband we're leaving. Clearly, this associate has no intention of selling a car or behaving like a polite person. Mind you, this is the 2nd time we have experienced this type of treatment at Faulkner Cadillac. The same rude, unaffected behavior was displayed to us last year when we were looking for a new SUV and came in to see an Escalade. In case you're wondering, I went w/ a Mercedes because they treated me with the respect I deserve - even though it costs more money! With that kind of behavior, it's no wonder GM is tanking. Obviously, the employees at Faulkner are withdrawn and encouraged to behave in a rude manner toward those they consider unworthy of these GM vehicles. By the way, the CTS on the floor...the front doors on both sides rattle when they're opened and closed - quality issue. I am CCing GM about this as well.
    Len C9none

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