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  • Marvin K Brown Cadillac

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    Marvin K Brown Cadillac

    1441 Camino Del Rio S
    San Diego, CA 92108
    Phone: 619-291-204

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:7.7
    Customer Serivce:7.8
    Treated your car:8
    Total number of Submissions:7

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    Individual Comments

    Greg M10"I have had little need for service, save a warranty replacement transmission which they had air freighted directly from Tremec in two days. Tremec apparently had known of the problem but could not find the transmission - I did (it would pop out of gear
    jay9friendly, accurate,knowledgeable,timely,consistant- about as good as it gets under the "Gold" notch- especially following dealing with a dealer who was nice and friendly and that is where it ended!
    T. Larsen1Took delivery of a brand new CTS. Interior headliner had a small spot. Dealer tried to clean it, but made it much worse. Dealer replaced headliner, but broke interior lights. Took 1 week to fix the problem. While they finished up the job they punched a hole in the headliner. Dealer ordered a new headliner. Took 1 month to get it. Dealer damaged the new headliner during installation. Dealer ordered another headliner. Received wrong color headliner...finally everything got sorted out...However many times when I picked up the car my cream interior was full of dirty foot and finger prints. The service writer was great, but I was insulted by the service manager and the sales person completely left me in the cold. My brand new car was in the shop more than 30 days during my first 4 months as a cadillac owner. I now have squeeks and rattles. I will never deal with Marvin K. Brown again as long as I live.
    Mark8I have 2007 CTS (3.6) and this is my 2nd vehicle bought through Marvin K Brown (98 Olds intrigue was the 1st). I found them honest, straightforward, and reasonable in both price negotiations. I had some minor warranty repairs early on with the Olds, which were fixed in a reasonable time/manner. My CTS developed a differential leak at about 5K. They told me ahead of time, one of their transmission techs was on vacation and gave me a loaner car since the repair could take a few days. It took 5 days, but I did have the loaner car. They did give me periodic updates. Also reported that they installed an improved/redesigned part during the repair due to problems with the 07 differential. I was a bit suprised when 6 months later I got a recall notice that my CTS needed a recall on the differential. Thought for sure it had already been performed. Dealer said no bring it in. I scheduled an appointment for the following week and the repair was done that same day. They always wash the car when they are done (Do a nice job on the interior windows) and the car is clean when done. Also had it in for a free oil change at 10K with no problems. Service advisor and everyone I have dealt with is couteous and professional.
    Ed8Robert Cogden very knowledgable. Service has been great, warranty repairs performed without question. I'm now having my Chevy truck serviced there too. My only complaint is they don't give Cadillacs as loaners anymore.
    Joe Navarro9Robert Congdon was very nice and helpful with often updates. Replaced Nav for peeling buttons without any questions or pushback. Nav was NOT programed for the V upon pick up, but he got it done in 10 mins while I waited.
    Rod Jenkins9I was on a trip to San Diego and the V had no oil pressure. Roadside assist delivered it Marvin K and they replaced the oil pump under warranty (and did a coolant flush while they were at it). While it was under their care, I was given a brand new 08 CTS as a loaner for a week. Service writer was Robert Congdon and he took care of the vehicle.

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