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  • Devan Lowe Cadillac

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    Devan Lowe Cadillac

    801 Grand Ave
    Rainbow City, AL 35906
    Phone: (256)442-90

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:1.5
    Customer Serivce:1.5
    Treated your car:6
    Total number of Submissions:2

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    Individual Comments

    Kevin Rigby1Teriah was very friendly. However, I took my car on a Thurs. picked up Prob not fixed. Took car back they kept 1 week. Picked up next day same problem. Paid out over $300. There was no sense of concern over my problem. I cant pay for guessing on repairs. The reply was that several things can cause your problem. However, They should be qualified tp repair vehicles without guessing. My dollars are running out!!
    Mike Guest2Took car in for service for 3 items: 1. Dislodged windshield trim - After asking me (Twice! Once in person, again over the phone) if I was certain that the trim piece I presented to them actually came from my car, they put it back on. 2. Slow radiator leak - Claimed they couldn't find a leak; maybe cooling system was not properly filled at the factory. You would think that kind of symptom would present before a year and a half of ownership. :/ 3. Poor AM/FM reception - After questioning my radar dectector install, they claimed that diagnostics fingered the Nav/Radio unit as the culprit. They ordered another unit and kept the car overnight. They called in the afternoon saying that the Nav/Radio replacement had failed to correct the reception problem, and that I should take the car to the dealer it was purchased from for further troubleshooting. Upon pick up, I checked to see if my audio CD's were in the new unit, as well as the Nav DVD. They were not. The CDs were of no real concern, as they were all CD-Rs, but I immediately went inside to ask about the Nav DVD. After looking around for a while they told me they'd mark the original Nav unit to prevent it being sent back for refurbishing, and that I'd have to bring the car in again so they could put the old unit back in(!) to eject the Nav DVD. I told them that I would be in touch when I had time to do this. I called them 3 or 4 business days later to arrange this swap to get my DVD. I was then informed that my original Nav unit had been sent back the same day I picked up the car(!!) and I would now have to wait for the repair facility to extract the disc and return it. I'd be surprised by this kind of unprofessional and careless service from a Kia dealer, never mind a Cadillac dealer.

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