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  • St Claire Cadillac

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    St Claire Cadillac

    4313 Stevens Creek Blvd
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
    Phone: 408-244-100

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:4.8
    Customer Serivce:6
    Treated your car:4.8
    Total number of Submissions:7

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    Individual Comments

    Tim P10"These guys have gone out of their way to take care of me and my car (which incidently, I bought from them). They threw in little things like some nice Cadillac polo shirts, keychains, literature on the car (sales brochures and comparison guides), etc...
    Robert Smith4The first time i droped if off for service everything went fine until i was at home and noticed that the passenger rear tire was brand new when all the other tires had about 1000 miles. i called them to ask what happend and they said they new nothing about it. so my guess is they totally curbed it and had to replace the rim/tire or while puting 23 unkown miles on the car they got a flat. very unsatisfied with the cars care while serviced. and trust me it was a new tire.
    Alex Grant2I brought my 05 in for its second routine service, and they returned the car super dirty and scratched one of the wheels. I brought it to their attention and they did replace the wheel - with another scratched wheel! Granted, it was not as bad as the original scratch, but bad nonetheless. I also had to go back for the tire pressure sensors to be programmed correctly. All in all, I made four trips to the dealer for the one service visit. If I can't find another dealer, next time I will be sure to take a million photographs of my car before I leave it.
    joe soltis10none
    Alan P.1Repeatedly damaged rims during service. Broke tranny linkage, pinched wire, leaked trans fluid on mufflers, forgot to attach front swaybar linkage, broke shift plate and car stuck in 6th gear on freeway. New gears not aligned and chipped and scored. Tailshaft housing cracked from too tight bolts. Broke shift pin. Mechanics are hacks. Cust serv rep smooth talker and die hard company man. Lousy service. 12 trips to fix noise - they never got it right. replaced tranny using GM warranty on their damage to same. Avoid.
    Richard111 trips 4 tran noise. Kept breaking something else. Needed GM to replace tran. Corvette dealer did and found poor work and damage. Broke airdam, scraped rims, grease on seat, door, mat. Horrific quality of repairs. Lied about test drive with no miles on odometer. 2.5 months in shop.

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