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  • krystal cadillac

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    krystal cadillac

    5200 kingshighway
    brooklyn, NY 11234
    Phone: 7182537575

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:3.7
    Customer Serivce:4.3
    Treated your car:4.5
    Total number of Submissions:9

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    Individual Comments

    pete1I cant imagine how anthony the service manager ever got his job.anthony will go outta his way to make your life difficult . anthony is the only reason for any low marks i gave this dealership.its a shame because the rest of the service dept is great.so before you buy a car from krystal cadillac check to see if anthony is still working there ,and if he is run outta there and go to any other caddy dealer .dont say i didnt warn ya.
    max1This dealership (Krystal) was the worst. The service manager (Anthony) was a total jerk. He is useless! He is not willing to help you. It is his way or no way. After you purchase the car, Krystal does not want to know you. I waited forever for them to get the parts for my brand new vehicle. (Even though the parts were readily available) You cannot get through to the service department. A total nightmare. I had to have Chevrolet Motor Division and General Motors call the dealership to expedite service. The best way to describe Krystal is "NO COURTESY"
    Dom10We have been customers of Krystal for over ten years and probably always will be.
    Rich1car sat at dealer's service shop for 3 days and they did nothing.Only gave me an attitude.The service manager is a moron (anthony)
    Gary1David the service guy did'it even want to waste his time to look at my leaking rear Diff. He just wanted to fix what he had to and get my car out of his hands. He fixed my axle and told me to pick up the car. When i asked him about the diff. he said just come pick up you car and that he did'it want to deal with me because i worry (care) too much about my car.
    bpm1the worst dealer i've ever seen. I don't know how they even got a Cadillac franchise.
    nathan10the best sevice a car can get with ppl that care
    Michael Hurst1Slow slow slow. Finance took forever and screwed me because of excessive dicking around.
    Sal8Good dealership, they try to help you in every way, Anthonys's a good guy, dont know what everybody is talking about! They gave me a great deal on my 11 coupe and they help me out every way possible when its serviced, ask for Kenny in service, he'll help you out.

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