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  • Moore Cadillac Hummer

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    Moore Cadillac Hummer

    25440 Pleasant Valley Road
    Chantilly, VA 20152
    Phone: 703-674-590

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:5.6
    Customer Serivce:6.3
    Treated your car:5.9
    Total number of Submissions:17

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    Individual Comments

    Arthur Edwards1none
    Arthur Edwards1Took V in for a wheel alignment. They took three days to perform the alignment, and returned my car with damage to the wheels.
    Arthur Edwards8Update on last problem. Dealer accepted responsibility for having damaged my wheels and agreed to repair them, and to replace them if I was not happy with the repair work. I was very happy with the job done and with the treatment I was given. My only issue was that this took longer than promised.
    NOVA V10Mods available. Friendly atmosphere. HUGE showroom.
    Arthur Edwards10After I had an initial negative impression of this dealer, they have worked hard to completely turn my opinion around. I complained pretty loud, and they listened. So, now they deserve my praise. They have done a fantastic job. My last visit involved replacing the navigation/radio front panel, and replacing the front seat. Both for done under warranty, done quickly, and done well.
    Arthur J Edwards Jr9This visit was a routine oil change. I encountered two problems. First, they decided to use Castrol Syntec. I was not happy with that decision, and told them so. They gave me a choice - they would take that oil out immediately and replace it with Mobil 1, or they would replace it at a later date, at my option. I chose the latter, and I am very happy with how they corrected their error, here. Second, the service technician decided to note on the report that all four of my wheels were damaged. Presumably, he did this to cover his ass in case he did accidentally damage them. Well, there is some curb damage to one wheel, but the other three are flawless, and it bothered me that someone would just lie on a service report. I had a meeting with a handful of people to discuss this, and I feel that the meeting was productive and at least established that the wheels on my car are not all damaged!
    Arthur J Edwards Jr10Took the car in for four issues: oil change, dent in door, parking brake adjustment, and navigation radio lights out. Service was done promptly and correctly, and I was kept advised of service status at regular intervals. Oil change (with Mobil 1) was free because of a previous mix-up, parking brake adjustment and nav-radio issues were warranty items.
    Arthur J Edwards Jr10I went to this dealer with a credit in hand from Goodyear for replacement tires. I asked this dealer if they might consider augmenting the credit I had from Goodyear, either themselves, or through Cadillac, or through General Motors. They came through in a big way for me, providing me with a set of new Goodyear F-1 Supercar EMT's at no charge to me. (I did pay for mounting, balancing, and wheel alignment.) I have never heard of a dealer treating a customer this well, ever.
    nathan4went for service several occasions over the course of a year. their labor is satisfactory but their diagnosis of issues is poor. they didnt catch multiple probs that another dealership found and repaired under warranty. also misdiagnosed a faulty seatbelt. ended up it was just stuck but got rejected saftey inspection and nearly had to pay for replacing it. never got my car back washed even once after a service visit. parts department screwed up my brake pad order twice, even with the vin the second time around. moore is 15 min away but i drive 45 min to next dealer now. will not go back to moore unless emergency.
    Grey Goat861none
    Christine Woodson1Very poor service. Treated me like I stole the car.
    woody o1dealers claimed his "best tech in usa" declared my h2 safe to drive. Next day we nearly got killed when it broke down. Misdiagnosis cost of transmission damage %3400 ADVIOD THIS DEALER
    holly1worse car expirence i have ever had, this dealer is like a crime family, when I complained about their misdiagnosis and blatent dishonesty they refused to repair my h2 and i had to tow it elsewhere. stay away from thease crooks
    M. Fox7Replaced the flaking clearcoat on the V wheels with no questions asked.
    Chris LaRue2Never updated me on status of repair, didn't have part and didn't let me know until it was too late to get the part. What should have been a 4 hour experience was an 8 hour one because the service writer did not LISTEN to me from the get go. Made me walk in the rain to my car instead of pulling it into the service bay!
    Art Edwards10Just happened to be driving by when a care pulled up beside me and told me my rear brake light was out. I pulled in and got this fixed inside of 15 minutes at no charge to me whatsoever. Unbelievably good service!
    P. Oswald10none

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